Kris Aquino ‘sosyal’ way of eating balut goes viral

Balut is one of the country’s exotic food. You’re not been in the Philippines if you will not able to try this one.

Some say it was a food for poor people, but apparently Kris didn’t felt this way when she showed in her video the way he eats balut together with Bimby.


Kris wrote: “Bonding namin over balut from San Pedro, Laguna. (my mom, kuya josh, and i loved the balut from Pateros that Archbishop Soc’s mom used to send.) in case you’ll wonder, i’m having IBC Root Beer (nabili in @snr_official) #lovelovelove”

Who said the Queen of All Media is all about glamour and luxury? In her recent video Kris and her son Bimby surprised the netizens while eating the famous Pinoy delicacy ‘balut’.


Most people eat balut straight from the shell with their bare hands.

Kris and Bimby looks adorable on how they eat balut, that’s why netizens expressed their reactions regarding this video.


One netizen noticed how she uses fork when eating the famous Pinoy food.

“Love it!!! Sosyal pa din kahit balot kinakain with matching fork??… you’re a Legend Miss Kris??”


Kris was able to reply to the netizen and said, ” “mas madali kasing sungkitin.”

Meanwhile, here are some of the comments from the video.


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