Robin Padilla showered money on the Badjao community

Robin Padilla was known as a kind hearted person there is no doubt about it.

Recently, a video of Robin uploaded on Youtube. on the said video you can see he’s making conversations with the “badjao’s”.


The Badjaos live in the territory of the Muslim Filipinos, although they are also the least influenced by Islam; and they are itinerant travelers.

If you can recall in the year 2013 robin makes an emotional plea on behalf of badjaos that’s why they are so close to the actor’s heart.


On the said video badjao calls themselves as “goodjao” they are referring to the good mannered badjaos that is now working hard for themselves and badjaos is the one who is still begging for money in the streets.

Badjao is a historical group of people. They are an indigenous ethnic group of The Philippines which has been there since at least 500AD said robin before buying those goods.


He’s also with Niño Mulach that time. He insisted that he still wants to call them “badjao” instead of “goodjao” and they are the true owner of our country. Robin bought those pearls worth 2500 pesos. He says he’ll give it to his wife Mariel. In the end, he gave that badjao money and ask them to pray for him.

What can you say about him?


Written by ADMIN

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