Grab Food Driver losses 2250 pesos after a prank booking

Grab Philippines is “saddened by the issues circulating online regarding unclaimed Grab Food orders and order cancellations or customer no-shows.

Although the company said that Grab has reimbursement policy in place, which allows delivery-partners to be fully reimbursed for all unclaimed orders.” However, the driver’s grab points out of food delivery will lose, alongside with their valuable time and daily capital whenever they encounter order cancellation.

The latest viral issue of Grab food cancellation happened recently and netizens got furious about it. A certain customer ordered a bulk of milk teas amounting to 2250php.

While the driver is having doubt about this due to numbers of “f4ke bookings” nowadays, he still accepted the booking just to provide service for the said customer.


Apparently, after he got all the orders, and came to the pinned delivery address, the customer replied that it was just a prank.

Knowingly, he got scammed, the driver calmly replied, “Salamat po nawalan po ko pang bili ng gatas ng anak ko.”

As of this writing, the original post was already deleted. According to the report, the family of the minor who did this prank and the Grab Food driver already settled in.

However, a concerned netizen re-posted the conversation on Facebook and stated his lengthy reaction towards this incident.


According to Junize San Diego, they might see this prank to some vloggers who did something like this. Although they are not encouraging their followers to copy what they did, teens and minors may be interested to do so.

We may consider that these food delivery service is investing time, money and effort just to satisfy our cravings without us leaving our house.

What can you say? How can they avoid “f4ke bookings” like this?


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