Kris Aquino posted an unfiltered photo and asked for advice on her illness

It was the last quarter of 2018 when the “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino started to show terrible changes on her physical appearance.

Although she still looks like glamorous with her Luxurious style, it is obvious that she got thinner and looks pale.


She admitted that she suffers from a rare autoimmune disease, a “form of lupus”. On October, Kris went to Singapore for medical attention in the middle of her legal battle with her former business partner and manager Nicko Falcis II.

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Finally met @iamr2alonte last night (our connection? @rbchanco is his manager & RB isn’t just my makeup artist BUT 1 of my most trusted friends.) In fact, RB is now the guardian of kuya josh & bimb, because they’re flying home this morning… unfortunately @bincailuntayao & are coughing, have sore throats, and body aches & i lost my voice… praying we both didn’t get the flu since it’s flu season here in the 🇺🇸, so we go home in a few days.. We couldn’t risk me taking the long flight home because my autoimmune conditions have weakened my immune system, to simplify my overproduction of antibodies cause them to end up attacking my healthy cells kaya mahirap talagang magkasakit… my 2 are really maturing because they were looking forward to travel w/ just RB. kuya josh is very excited to visit his tito Noy & bring his pasalubong- love nya talaga si tito Noy because he saved his shopping allowance to buy what he knew to be tito Noy’s favorite snacks from here… bimb wanted to go home because he didn’t want to miss school & kuya josh said he wanted to keep tito Noy company. As a mom, it’s heartwarming that my sons know what should really matter in life at this stage of their lives- family & education.

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Recently, the Queen of All Media took social media again to ask for some advice from the netizens about her migraine. If others who suffer from this are just taking medicines to stop the pain, taking prescriptions are not effective for the actress.

She posted on her Instagram account her unfiltered photo with her lengthy caption asking for some advice.

“selfie taken a couple of nights ago, walang filter etc. lashes were done by (i asked for pinaka short & natural looking)… after midnight Sunday, madaling araw onwards UNREAL how bad my migraine was, buong Monday bedridden. Nag improve today, nakatayo na ko pero grabe naman my hives.


“i’m allergic to all pain relievers. What do you do pag may migraine attack? di na kinaya ng essential oils ko… what can i do to help prevent migraines & what to do pag meron na kung kagaya ko na bawal ang pain relievers na gamot, also can’t do acupuncture. ang hirap diba? your suggestions will be much appreciated. Help please?”

Apparently, not just her concern was noticed, but her unfiltered photo drew much attention from her followers.


Here are some of their comments:

“Di naman talaga maganda si Kris kahit noon pa. Makinis lang. So so lang pag naka makeup.”

“You’re missing the point. May sakit siyang malubha. She Lost alot of weight. Yung tinatawag ninyong pekas ay dahil sa sakit niya. Just hope and pray you don’t get sick like her. Remember, karma s just around the corner.”

“She has severe allergies na hindi makuha sa gamot. Instead of constantly critisizing her in all her posts about her illness, you may want to understand what is going on with her.”

“Juicekoh lagi ka na lang nagpo-post ng picture na ganyan. Baka iba na ang isipin ng mga tao. Better take a long long hiatus from social media. It will help a lot to cure your illness.”

“She wants sympathy na nahihirapan na sya kuno. Im pretty sure she can afford the best doctors and treatments. If she can buy almost any luxury brand, then im prett6 sure she can find the best cure and doctor.”

“She looks old & dry. Parang hindi bagay sa kanya ang super payat.”

“Make up lang pala talaga ang nakakapagpaganda kay madame.”

“Stay away from social media. Mag relax ka in the true sense of the word, walang communication sa outside world. Try mo Baka makatulong”

“Kris over exaggerates everything to get attention”

Does her recent photo explain that he suffers a lot from her disease? What can you say?


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