Claudine Barretto alleged cryptic message pertaining to “mother-daughter team” sparks issue

Although it is not stated, the netizens think the recent post of Claudine Barretto on her Instagram account had a bigger meaning.

Yesterday, July 27, the actress shared a photo quote saying “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot I only exist when you need something.”


The said post has a caption, “I’m Done! I can only do and take so much.”

Apparently, her older sister Gretchen Barretto liked her post and leave another meaningful comment.


“CORRECT. DO NOT ALLOW OTHERS TO ABUSE YOUR KINDNESS. Is it the mother-daughter team [rolling on the floor laughing emoji]”

No name had been mentioned but for the netizens, they thought that the Barretto sisters are pertaining to their other sister Marjorie Barretto.

Showbiz fans surely know that there is a conflict between Barretto sisters – Gretchen, Marjorie, and Claudine. The social media has also become a venue of their word war once in a while. Greta and Clau are in tandem against Marj on a previous issue concerning the latter’s children’s relationships with their fathers.


One fan said, “@gretchenbarretto @claubarretto pagkatapos nyong palamunin at binigyan ng tirahang ilang taon, ngayon dahil nakaluwag luwag na sila kinalimutan na kayo… Galawang @marjbarretto [rolling on the floor laughing emoji]”

Currently, Marjorie Barretto was involved int he alleged break up of Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson whereas her daughter Julia Barretto was the one pointing to be the reason.


As mothers do, the former actress defends her daughter through her Instagram account.

Meanwhile, fans and followers of Claudine keeps on reacting and shared their own opinions on her post.

What do you think this statement means?


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