WATCH: Andrea Brillantes swims like a mermaid on her first-ever free diving experience

Everyone is always looking forward to trying something new. Whether for fun or to conquer their fears. What extreme activity have you already tried?

Apparently, the 16-year-old Kapamilya star, Anndrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza, better known as Andrea Brillantes, recently shared a video on her Youtube channel showing her first ever diving experience.


This happened in a famous diving spot, the Batangas Danke Laia! the ‘Kadenang Ginto’ actress just proved that she is not just for acting and dancing, but even on swimming.

According to her vlog, Andrea just started to engage in a new sport called ‘freediving’. You can see in the video that the young star really enjoys her new hobby. Her movements are smooth, just like a professional diver and a mermaid based on the netizens.


According to the video, the difference between scuba diving and freediving is that the scuba diving includes an oxygen tank and other equipment while free diving requires no oxygen tank.

Based on her vlog, the young actress really enjoyed this experience. Her photos and videos amazed her fans.


Andrea just showed how brave she is, at her young age, she is open to experience a lot of extreme activities at all cost. This is the reason why the netizens applauded her.

Here are some of their comments.


“Wow ate andrea ang galing mo nman ….idol we love u??????”

“Gravy kabata bata pa sobrang laswa na ginagawa yung puwit nya nagdala”

“Wow, you’re really suit and capable to be the next DYESEBEL blythe ???? sana all magaleng. Can you teach me po ??”

“Galing naman beh… So relaxing panoorin.. “

“Galing naman, di halatang first try palang. And it makes us see the wonders of the sea more ?? such a wonderful content Blythe. Keep up the good job ??”

“Omg how can you hold your breath for sooo long??? How? I love you so much Blythe! Such a cute and great content??”


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