KC Concepcion receives backlash from the netizens because of her revealing photo

Actress and Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s daughter KC Concepcion is quite enjoying her personal life now after leaving her career in showbiz for jewelry design and entrepreneurship classes in California.

Thus, the 34-year-old celebrity admitted how she misses acting and being on the stage. However, she still updates her followers through her social media accounts. She shares the places where she travels, the exquisite food and the amazing culture in other places.


Recently, she expressed her love for her followers and posted her picture gesturing a flying kiss to everyone.

“Just sharing some love with all of you who need it today… (kiss and star emojis),” she wrote.


However, several netizens took notice of her outfit in the photo. Some netizens expressed a dislike to her revealing photo.

A netizen commented that she does not need to show some skin because her beauty and brain is enough.

another one said that showing her cleavage on social media is not appropriate for being in a decent family.


There was a netizen also who said that it will just create a bad record for her and her family.

One netizen added that there is something wrong in her photo as many of her followers are against it.


Meanwhile, here are some of the other comments expressing their thoughts about KC’s photo:

“Medyo Lang not so pleasing to see your front… kindly fix…sensya na I’m also a mother just like your mum so we would protect our children from all threats and danger…”

“Kailangan talaga may boobie slip?”

“People, the picture didnt show anything malicious other than your minds. If you are offended with the picture, you are free to unfollow her, if you open your minds, then you’ll be able to know that regardless of how many people bash her body, she’s still proud of it.”

“yong iba daming sinasabi kya hindi kyang ipakita yong braso ni kc ks mataba ngaun nagsuot sya ng ganyan daming sinasabi hwag nlng kung bahihirapan kyo hirap nkikitigin nga lng daming daldal gayahing lng kung sinu gustong gumaya”.

Last July, KC made her followers confused after she posted a cryptic message on her Instagram. This statement made the netizens assumed that she just broke up with her French boyfriend.

“These are the times we single ladies probably wish we had someone by our side at home,” the former actress said.

KC also thanked her “friends, aunt, fans, and agent” for the “natural meds and unexpected home-cooked Asian meals,” saying these helped her “recover super fast.”

The former actress calmly responded to the break-up issue, saying they only wanted “a little privacy.”

What can you say?


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