“Sana di na lang nagsalita si Julia” Ogie Diaz’s honest opinion on Julai Barretto’s statement

Ogie Diaz is a well-known entertainment columnist and much known for his metaphorical opinions about certain issues in local showbiz.

Apparently, on the most controversial issue today involving three Kapamilya stars, Ogie Diaz also made his say on this.


Ogie did not hesitate to express his unsolicited opinion regarding Julia Barretto’s much-talked-about message to Bea Alonzo.

Julia cleared out her name after being tagged as the “third party” by many netizens and the reason why Bea and Gerald broke up.


She also called out Bea for promoting social media irresponsibility and using her influence to destroy her.

After her statement, netizens again made an outrage towards the issue. Because of this, the entertainment columnist pointed out through his Facebook post that Julia should have stayed silent to prevent the people to talk about it over and over again.

For Ogie, the issue she got involve is already close to being forgotten, however, because of what she said, she just started the controversy to be more complicated.


He also noticed the timing of her statement which releases a day after Gerald’s interview with ABS-CBN.

“Pahupa na, eh. Sana, di na lang nagsalita si Julia Barretto,” the comedian quipped. “Kahapon nagsalita si Ge, si JB ngayon. Nag-usap kaya sila?” he added.


Meanwhile, here are some of the netizens reaction on what Ogie Diaz said.


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