Vice Ganda and Ion Perez got emotional after exchanging I Love You infront of Its Showtime audience

Vice Ganda and Ion Perez recently shocked their co-hosts and the audience of the ABS-CBN noontime show “It’s Showtime.”

Their conversation started out as a joke but it turned serious when they mouthed the words “I love you” to each other on stage.


The segment “Mr. Q & A” in their noontime show got delayed because of some technical problems in their set.

That is why Vhong Navarro and Anne Curtis, co-hosts on the said show, got the idea to interview Ion Perez on what happened.


Ion then got his pitch high, so Vice makes fun his tone buy saying some words same as Ion’s pitch.

Anne Curtis then asked the two if that’s the way they say I” Love you” to each other.

“Ganyan ba kayo magsalita? Ganyan ba kayo mag i love youhan?” Curtis ask.


Then that spark some “kilig” to the audiences. Vice Ganda replied ” I love you agad” while laughing.

Then came Vhong Navarro explaining “Ganun kasi sila, kasi pinagsisigawan nila na mahal nila ang isa’t isa.”


Then he asked Ion “Paano ba sinasabi mo kapag sinasabihan mong mahal mo siya? Gaano kalakas?”

Ion just laugh with Vhong’s question towards him, so Anne gave him a sample scene “Kunwari lang, meron kang pagsasabihan na mahal kita. Paano mo sasabihin yun, Ion, yung mahal kita?”

Ion in his sweet voice said those three words (I love you).
Anne and Vhong turn around to Vice and asked the same question.

“Eksena na kayong dalawa na lang ang tao sa mundo. Magsasabi ka na ng nararamdaman sa kanya, at ikaw rin ganun.” Vhong gave them the scenario.

Ion then whispered to Vice and their conversation comes up,

Ion: “Tutal tayo naman dalawa sa mundo. Siguro, ito na yung pagkakataon ko para sabihin ko ang nararamdaman ko.”

Vice: “Ano yun?”

Ion shouted “I love you” while Vice Ganda replied, “I love you. Uy, kinikilig ka.”

After that scene Vice noticed that Ion got emotional, so he asked him why, Ion replied “Hindi, kinikilig lang ako.”

Anne and Vhong teased the two when they also noticed that Ion is crying so does Vice.

Ion explained he is just so happy when he sees his loved one happy.

“Wala, kasi ang saya kapag nakikita siyang masaya.

“Kasi ang sarap makita… ang sarap makita na masaya ang taong mahal mo.”

It’s Showtime: Ion at Vice, naging emosyonal matapos mag-I love you sa isa’t isa

Vice Ganda to Ion: "Ayiie! Kinilig ka!" CHUGUG! Panoorin muli ang palitan nila ng 'I love you' DITO:For more HIGHLIGHT videos, LIKE ABS-CBN on Facebook!

Posted by ABS-CBN on Thursday, September 19, 2019

It just came out that the whole set got emotional too, tears of joy indeed and they formed a group hug.

Vice and Ion have been rumored for months that they are in a secret relationship but both parties is in-denial until now.

Netizens also expressed their ‘kilig’ thoughts regarding this. Here are some of them.


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