Vice Ganda’s ‘MONTHSARY’ message for Ion Perez elicit s reactions from the netizens

“Everybody deserves to love and be happy. Everybody includes YOU and ME.”

This is what Vice Ganda’s caption on her recent post on Instagram showing she and rumored boyfriend Ion Perez holding hands.

It’s been a long time now since the Its Showtime host has been linking to Kuya Escort Ion Perez. But up to now, they didn’t confirm nor deny the issue.

However, the alleged couple already established a fandom for their love team. ViceIOn as the fans called them.


Even though there is no clarification whether they are truly in a relationship, speculations made bigger whenever someone posting their pictures and videos together showing intimate affection with each other.

Not only this, even the two celebrity are also posting sweet messages and photos on their social media accounts, which really makes their fans go crazy over them.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, Vice Ganda posted an alleged monthsary message for Ion based on the comments.

Earlier this afternoon, September 25, Vice shared a photo of them stating this sweet message, “Everybody deserves to love and be happy. Everybody includes YOU and ME.”


The photo was taken during the All-Star Games 2019 last August.

The netizens immediately reacted on the said post and expressed their congratulatory messages for them. Even some celebrities couldn’t help it.

Vice Ganda also stated this monthsary on the live episode of Its Showtime earlier, however she didn’t say if how many months are they already celebrating.


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