Must Watch: Funny Video Of Vice Ganda Accidentally Falls Off His Wig While Dancing With Jhong Hilario.

For almost ten years, It’s Showtime delighted us with awesome contests, exceptional talent, moving real stories, and of course, the coolest hosts!

Yet even with superb entertainment comes the hilarious pitfalls. Since the show is aired live, on-cam bloopers are bound to happen.

Recently, the third season of the noontime show’s famous segment “Tawag ng Tanghalan” has ended. And Elaine Duran was hailed as the new grand champion, she sang the medley hits of Basil Valdez and a rendition of Shanti Dope’s song “Nadarang”.

But before the event started, Vice Ganda had this funny moment with his co-host Jhong Hilario where he dances in the latter’s lap and accidentally falls off his wig or as we can see on the video blooper he intentionally takes it off and wags it onto Hilario’s face.


The playful and often over-the-top banter of Its Showtime’s hosts are a familiar scene for those who have watched it for the longest time. The funniest of their jokes seem to always involve their old photos, personal lives and current controversies, which never fail to make the audience laugh.

But among the countless funny encounters we’ve seen, the scenes involving Vice Ganda stood out the most and we terribly found difficult to move on from because those didn’t only make us laugh, but also revealed something about him that we might find admirable or relatable.

Vice Ganda is one of the most anticipated celebrities today. For the fans and viewers of ABS-CBN noontime show, their noontime is never complete if Vice Ganda is not around.

Before becoming the multi-faceted celebrity who is idolized by many the Unkabogable Star was once a mischievous student who did a lot of relatable shenanigans that people of all ages could relate to.


This is just proof that the phenomenal comedian never fails to give laughter and joy not only to the viewers but also to her co-hosts


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