James Reid unexpectedly spotted walking across EDSA

Celebrities are usually traveling with their cars, especially if they are very popular.

The comfort and security is their primary concern that’s why you rarely see them walking on crowded places without the big securities.

However, a fan took her day as her lucky day when she unexpectedly has seen a famous heartthrob walking and crossing the busy street of EDSA.

A netizen named Citaw Anareta-Santos captured the famous singer/actor James Reid crossing the street in front of her while the traffic is jammed.


She captioned her post, “Yung pauwi ka na tapos makikita mo yung ex-BF mo.”

According to the comments, it was taken along Katipunan Road.

James Reid is crossing in front of her car with one uniformed man. He was going to Pop UP Katipunan.

The netizens who posted the video shared that she suddenly got dazed upon seeing the famous celebrity in front of her.


James Reid unexpectedly spotted walking across EDSA

James Reid unexpectedly spotted walking across EDSA

Posted by Showbiz Insider PH on Monday, 30 September 2019

While she still can’t get over on that moment, the netizens, on the other hand, felt envy on her. The said post already garnered 46,000 reactions, 104 comments, and 23,000 shares as of this writing.


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