Robin Padilla cursed basher over offensive comments about her wife Mariel Rodriguez

Celebrities are bound to share their life in public, but outside the camera, they manage their lives according to their will.

Although they tend to receive criticism for being a public figure, there are times that they can’t control their emotions and unfortunately fights back for their right as a human.

This is what happened recently to Philippine’s action star Robin Padilla, who gushed over a negative comment pertaining to her wife and soon to be born child.

Robin Padilla replied to this netizen with foul words in response to its offensive comments about them.


In an Instagram post, pregnant Mariel Padilla gave an update about her pregnancy with her second daughter. She is due next month and they are calling her daughter Gabriela. In her post, Mariel wrote, “Another update is her head is now down getting ready for delivery. Pls pray with me I really want to push for another vaginal birth. Enjoying the last stretch of my pregnancy.”

As we all know, Robin’s wife Mariel Rodriguez flew to the US to give birth which she did the same with her eldest Isabella. Before she was able to have Isabella, she had a couple of miscarriages. This is the reason why she needed much advance medical attention they found in States.

Lots of people expressed their concern and wishes to the goodwill of her wife, however, there is one netizen who pulled off a negative comment.

The basher also tagged US Pres. Ronald Trump in his post. Apparently, this comment immediately caught Robin’s attention.


The action star couldn’t help it but replied back to this basher angerly.

The netizen bravely replied to what Robin’s said saying where he is and the action star answered back.

“Kaya ka pala matapang nagtatago ka sa saya ng homeland security mo kapag nagkaroon ka na ng bayag magsalita sa harap ko isama mo na un homeland security mo message niyo lang ako kung gusto niyo sa cuba pwede tayo magkita sa cuba.”

As of this writing, Mariel Padilla already took off the comment section on her said post.


What can you say?


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