Doug Kramer and Cheska Kramer granted their house helper’s wish

House helpers are the people who help us made our lives easier. Our ‘kasambahays’ are there to serve and do things for us especially when we don’t have much time for household chores

Thus, behind their hard work and obedience, house helpers also wish to make their work easier and have more time to rest.

The celebrity couple Doug and Cheska Kramer are known for being soft-hearted and generous on their ‘kasambahays’. Recently, they transferred to their dream home. Much bigger and grandiose than before.

They went viral because of giving their house helpers a bigger space and an entertainment area as their resting place.


Netizens commended their good deeds for their kasambahays, but little did we know, the Team Kramer continues in giving their kasambahay the benefits they need.

On Instagram, Doug Kramer shared a video showing the little surprise they have for long time kasambahay, Yaya Josie.

The video taken in their laundry area, showing their surprise to Yaya Josie. A brand new automatic top-load washing machine.

According to Doug and Cheska, Yaya Josie wishes to make her laundry time much easier and time-saving to attend other chores.


In their previous house, they only have a manual washing machine which tends to give her much work needed to be done.

According to Cheska, a house which has beautiful, nice and brand news appliances made the house helpers more diligent and inspired to work.

After explaining to Yaya Josie how to use this new washing machine, they jokingly ask her to give their audience some dance moves.

Granted a simple request for our long time kasambahay!

One of the things I wanted to do in the house was make a durable and spacious laundry area. So for our long time kasambahay, Yaya Josie, we made sure to make her job a little easier. Here's the Samsung fully automatic topload washing machine! Glad that doing laundry can now be easier for her especially with the built-in-basin and all our easy-to-use appliances. We love and appreciate our Yaya Josie so much, she's actually been with us for 14 years now! We're super thankful for her in helping us nurture our family. Blessed to have her! #InnnovationsThatNurture

Posted by Team Kramer on Sunday, 29 September 2019

Bottom line is, Doug and Kramer really appreciates their house helpers and wanted to give them the easiest life as possible serving them.


What can you say?


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