Is she pregnant? Nadine Lustre’s recent photo elicit reactions from the netizens

Nadine Lustre, although she had faced several controversies in the past, the actress remains as popular and most followed as ever.

With her on-screen and real-life boyfriend James Reid, Nadine’s popularity is one of the most talked-about these days.


She quite lay-lowed on television projects like teleseryes, but she is definitely one of the most in-demand in terms of endorsements.

However, it seems like Nadine has been a subject of pregnancy speculations online after some netizens noticed her seemingly bloated belly while wearing a black crop top and high waisted pants in a recent photo of her shared online.


And now, with them still, together, this controversial photo of the actress which was taken down already went viral online because of the obvious bump on her stomach area. The people were then quick to speculation that perhaps she is just full or bloated while some insisted that she is pregnant.

This photo elicits speculations and reactions from the netizens. Here are some of them:

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