Sisterets Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda reveals the reason for their biggest fight

“Madlang People” surely knows that the Its Showtime hosts Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis closest friends for the longest time now and consider each other as family.

But just like every family the two gone through rough times as well.


In an interview, Meme Vice and Anne were asked “Nagkaka pikunan din ba kayo talaga or hindi na?”. Both Vice and Anne answered the question with a firm yes, and they both clarified what their answer.

Vice Ganda, in fact, once received a “long, itemized” text message from Anne Curtis, who had resorted to writing her sentiments, instead of having a personal confrontation, because of her tendency to cry easily.


“Pag nag-aaway kasi kami, pag harapan na, umiiyak ako. Hindi ko kaya,” Anne said during a recent press conference for the ongoing 10th anniversary celebration of “It’s Showtime.”

Vice, on the other hand, said, “May text siyang mahabang-mahaba sa akin… Atsaka numerical. ‘First, second…’ Naka-itemize! Hindi ko na binasa. Ang haba, Ingles!”

According to Vice, they do have times where they get irritated which each other but not to the point where they get into huge fights. Anne then followed up saying “Asaran, yung asaran na walang kwenta“.


Vice added that they don’t fight that often because Anne is really sensitive and cries easily. Afterward, they revealed the reason for one of their biggest fights.

The said biggest fight is all about a watermelon shake.


Anne accidentally knocked the comedian’s drink off the table but did not immediately apologize despite Vice Ganda’s demand, the co-hosts recalled in a past episode of “It’s Showtime.”

Anne then started to cry and said “Shake lang nag kaka ganyan ka?”. And Vice ended up being the one apologizing to Anne.

The exchange of words quickly turned emotional, with Curtis crying, and the show’s director, Bobet Vidanes, mediating between them.

Sisterets Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda reveals the reason for their biggest fight

Sisterets Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda reveals the reason for their biggest fight

Posted by Showbiz Insider PH on Friday, October 4, 2019

Meanwhile, another host Amy Perez compared the program’s hosts to a family, saying, “Normal lang sa magkakapatid na nag-aaway, nagkakatampuhan.

“It happens every single day, kasi hindi mo naman din mapi-predict ang mood ng bawat isa sa amin sa araw-araw… Normal din talaga minsan ‘yung nagkakainisan, pero hindi siya tumatanggal ng araw, o linggo, o buwan,” she said.

Obviously, the Its Showtime hosts already treat each other as a family, and as a family, they tend to forgive everyone’s wrongdoings.

What can you say?


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