Christine Reyes gets emotional talking about her previous break up with her husband

Celebrities are also human, dreams of having their own family.

Some find theirs inside the showbizness, others luckily met their true love outside the entertainment world.


Just like the Kapamilya actress Christine Reyes who found her ‘true love’ and got married to her mixed martial artist boyfriend Ali Khatibi in 2016.

A year before their marriage, Christine and Ali first had their firstborn daughter named Amarah.


The couple went along very well at first, however, in April 2018 a news came out saying Christine and Ali are not in good terms.

But the actress hadn’t said anything about this issue. After months of being mum about the status of her marriage with mixed martial artist Ali Khatibi, actress Cristine Reyes has finally given an honest answer on her relationship with her husband.

“We’re civil. We’re in good terms, especially with things we have to do when it comes to Amarah,” she said.


A year after this interview, the actress again faced an interview with Tonight With Boy Abunda and netizens were shocked when she suddenly became emotional when talking about lying and betrayal.

Cristine was first asked by Boy to explain the premise of her upcoming movie with Xian Lim entitled, ‘Untrue,’ “Ang tema ng pelikula is ‘not all love is true,’ paliwanag mo nga.”


According to the actress, “Basing on the film, yes. Well, number one kapag nag-start ang pagmamahalan sa kasinungalingan dahil ayaw natin na masira tayo sa taong gusto natin, itatago natin yun mga bagay na alam natin na ikakasira natin sa kanya.

“Ibig sabihin, mahal mo, mas mahal mo sarili mo kesa dun sa tao kasi mas pinili mo na pagtakpan yung kasinungalingan na yun kesa maging tapat ka dun sa taong mahal mo. Dahil ang totoong taong nagmamahal, dapat tapat ka.”

Her answer prompted Boy to ask if she has experienced the same thing with her movie to which Cristine replied, “Marami na. Marami na akong na-encounter na nag-sinungaling. Iba’t ibang rason, Tito Boy.”

When asked if she considered it betrayal, Cristine said yes, “Yes. Dapat ano, dun pa rin ako sa honesty. Mahirap pagkatiwalaan ang taong nagsisinungaling.”

The actress eventually broke down and admitted that she doesn’t let her daughter, Amarah Khatibi, see her cry.

“I feel sad for her.”
“I feel you Cristine its okay you will be fine someday…hugs for you big time.”
“Hmmmm… Is she refering to Ali? Intriguing ung mga sinasabi nya…”
“She’s hiding her pain through make ups and with a sweet smiles… I feel you my dear idol… Prayers can heal you… Trust me…”
“Sa mga interviews she’s usually palaban and standoff-ish pero wow this side of her…vulnerable pero hopeful. Malakas ang faith.”

Is she also talking about what really happened to Ali and her? What do you think?


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