Billionaire Trans woman clarifies real score with Clint Bondad

Last February 2019, Catriona Gray confirmed that she is separated with Clint Bondad after a 6 year relationship.

Lately, the 25-year old Filipino German model actor posted a picture with a well known 40 year old thai businesswoman last Saturday, October 12.


What is Clint Bondad’s real relationship with Thai billionaire trans woman Jakkaphong “Anne” Jakrajutatip? These was the questions on many netizens after the photo has gone viral.

This weekend the Thai businesswoman reposted her picture of Clint on her Instagram account.


In a peek at Anne’s Instagram account, she has other posts that include Clint. She mentioned that they went to Thailand recently.

In another caption, Anne thanked Clint for accepting her.

Anne’s message: “Thank you for accepting who I am. [Kiss emojis] You are the great gentleman, my dear.”


When Anne reposted their picture of Clint, netizens were curious and she was tease that they have something with the hunky Filipino-German model-actor.

However, the Thai businesswoman clarified that Clint was just like a younger sibling to her.


Anne also says she has a boyfriend, and that’s not Clint.

According to her, they are “forever brother sister” and Clint is not her type.

Anne also responds to a netizen who says that her picture of Clint is sure to be viral and accuses the young man of just using her because of money.

Anne is the chief executive officer of JKN Global Media, a Thai content provider that partners with various TV networks overseas to launch their programs in Thailand.

JKN Global media has partnerships with TV networks in the Philippines, such as ABS-CBN and GMA Network, to air Filipino shows in Thailand.

Anne is the first Thai and transgender woman to be awarded the Asia Media Woman of the Year at the Content Asia Summit 2019 in Singapore, according to an article published on the Bangkok Post’s website.


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