Marjorie Barretto said her piece regarding the physical fight with her sisters on their dad’s wake

It’s been a very hard day for the Barretto family today, after losing the man of their lives, their father Miguel Alvir Barretto last October 15.

As the typical family goes, all the problems and differences happened before had given a chance to clears up during the mourning.


While everybody is expecting that this will also happen to the Barretto sisters after years of being estranged to each other, the Barretto sister seems not yet open for any reconciliation.

After the alleged incident happened between them during the wake, involving Marjorie, Claudine, and Gretchen, the three remained silent about it.


The alleged physical fight happened the day when Gretchen appeared to the wake at the same time with President Duterte.

While there is still no clarification on what really happened, based on a report, Claudine Barretto got hospitalized after she allegedly figured in a physical confrontation with her sister, Marjorie Barretto, at their father Miguel’s wake.

The actress sustained an injury on her hand and complained of dizziness following the alleged confrontation with Marjorie, according to Ruby Baguhin, who brought the actress to the hospital.


After this incident, Claudine took social media and posted a cryptic message.

On Instagram, Barretto posted the question: “Are you proud of who you have become?”


In the caption, Claudine wrote: “I hope not.”

Although she did not mention any names, everybody is thinking that it was for her sister Marjorie.

However, earlier this day, Marjorie also took the social media to express her piece regarding the alleged fight.

She posted a photo quote saying, “Narcissists try to destroy your life with lies. Because theirs can be destroyed with the truth.”

Alongside this, she also posted a lengthy caption about what happened that night.

“There are very disturbing news going around right now. All these years, I have kept my peace and I always chose to ignore all the LIES that my sisters spread about me and my children. But nothing can get lower than this. Giving false statements to the press, and twisting stories about what really happened in my Father’s wake is by far the most epic one. They have tried so hard over the years to destroy my name, I have nothing to lose anymore at this point.I love my family very much, they are my core. I am all for reconciliation.”

She asked the netizens to leave this issue for a moment and let them mourn on their Father’s passing.

“We were hoping for that all those 16 days that my Father was fighting for his life in the hospital.It would have been nice if she made her peace in the quiet of my Fathers room. With no cameras. Don’t be fooled by the statements of my sisters, they are leaving out a very important detail of what really caused pain and tension in the wake.May I request everyone to allow our family to grieve, it’s our last day with our Father today.”

“Please hold your judgement and opinions until he is laid to rest,then WE WILL FOR THE FIRST TIME SPEAK THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. I would like to ask for prayers too. Because when I speak the truth, my life and my children’s life will be put in danger. My sisters boyfriend is powerful in a very bad way( and I don’t mean Tony Boy)And in speaking the truth I won’t be able to leave his name out.”

Marjorie also asked for the President’s patience and understanding of being dragged to her family’s fight.

“And to our dear President Duterte, thank you for being there for the family and sharing in our grief. My apologies that your name was dragged into this. You were so kind to me. I will always be grateful.”

Let’s just give this time to the Barretto family and let’s just wait for their clarification regarding what really happened.

What can you say?


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