Vice Ganda Addressed Ion Perez As His Partner In Life during His It’s Show Time Live Performance.

It’s Showtime brings its biggest anniversary celebration to date called “Sampu Sample,” a year-long festival of surprises that marks the program’s ten years of making Filipinos happy and invites all madlang people to not just have fun but also help in taking care of the environment and making a difference.

First of the ten surprises is the hosts’ annual Magpasikat competition this October, featuring the following groups: Anne Curtis, Amy Perez, and Bidaman Top 6; Jugs Jugueta, Teddy Corpuz, ‘Ate Girl’ Jackie, Ion, and Stephen; Karylle, Ryan Bang, and GT; Vice Ganda and the Top 3 queens of “Miss Q & A’s” two seasons; and Vhong Navarro, Marielle Rodriguez, and Hashtags.


As for today’s last performance, it was performed by Vice Ganda together with Dawn Zulueta and Miss Q & A’s queens.

Vice performed gracefully as we expected.


At the end of his performance Vice express how he is so thankful for everyone who stays on his side.

He says that he can’t make it on his own, and told everyone that no one can’t make it by its own.

“In reality hindi ko naman kaya, everybody thinks, a lot of people thinks na kaya ko lagi when in fact hindi ko nman po kaya lagi, I need help, and I am just so blessed kasi hindi naman ako nag-isa” Vice quoted.


Then that’s the cue when Vice finally thank the person who stays on his side no matter what and accepts him whoever he is, he is pertaining to his rumored boyfriend Ion Perez.

Vice addressed Ion as his partner in life, emotional Ion gives a message for the so-called “love of his life”.


“Minahal ko sa kanya ay yung nakikita niyo sa kanya, siguro bonus lang yung ano, bonus lang na naging Vice Ganda siya, pero yun talaga yung minahal ko si “Tutoy”. Ion said.

So it’s official! Love wins! What can you say?


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