Meet Ara Davao, Ryan Bang’s “future” girlfriend

Meet the trending “girlfriend” of Ryan Bang, the daughter of former celebrity couple Ricky Davao and Jackie Lou Blanco.

On the recent 10th-year anniversary celebration of Kapamilya noontime show Its Showtime, Ryan Bang ang Karylle’s performance created massive hit on the viewers. Not just for the excellent performance but because of Ryan Bang’s shocking introduction to his “girlfriend”.


He introduced her to Direk Bobet Vidanes and the director recognized his resemblance to actors Jackie Lou Blanco and Ricky Davao.

Ryan was teased by the other hosts about his new “girlfriend,” and he was even asked to give a message to Ara’s grandmother who is Pilita Corales.


While the topic of his love life was being discussed on air, the Korean celebrity suddenly admitted that the beautiful lady is not his girlfriend.

He mentioned that he wants to go to her house because she is a good friend of him.

“Hi, Miss Pilita Corales! Dadalaw po ako sa bahay niyo soon,” Ryan quipped.


“So totoong kayo [ni Ara Davao]?” Vhong Navarro reacted.
“Hindi. Hindi kami totoo. Magkaibigan lang kami. Kaibigan lang,” the foreigner celebrity responded.

She is Arabella Davao, the daughter of Ricky and Jackie Lou. The people got so amazed by her beauty but Ryan clarified that they are just friends and her being his “girlfriend” is just part of the script of their performance which has a futuristic theme.


Now, who is Ara Davao? She is the third and the youngest daughter of former celebrity couple Jackie Lou Blanco and Ricky Davao. According to an article from Preview, she is called by her friends “baduy” because of her love for Tagalog romcoms, like One More Chance, and addiction to OPM karaoke anthems.

Her parents Ricky and Jackie Lou separated 13 years after being together. They have three children: Kenneth, Rikki, and Ara. Despite the separation, they split up graciously and revealed that the decision was mutual as they have both not found the same intimacy that they have shared before. What’s good about them is that they have remained friends.


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