Iwa Moto accused of ‘pakisawsaw’ in Barretto sisters feud

The Starstruck alumna and celebrity mom Iwa Moto now making rounds on social media, after some netizens accused her of meddling with the Barretto sisters feud.

This was all started when she commented on Claudine’s Instagram post about Marjorie’s statement about her mental illness.


Iwa agreed on Claudine’s post and said that she also feels how hard it was for her and she knows what she’s going through.

Although Iwa didn’t mention Marjorie’s name, it was obvious on her comment that it was Claudine’s older sister she was referring to.


She said, “hayyy ate people like that should be ashamed.

“Having mental illness is an everyday battle. I remember us talking about it before. I too am suffering with it.

“Kaya sana wag syang bastos. Or maybe she should see someone also po kasi baka she needs help.


“No one in their right mind would joke about a disability.”

However, but his comment, Iwa was accused of being ‘sawsawera’.


Some netizens warned the GMA star not to interfere on the sisters feud.

Here are some of their comments.

Meanwhile, Iwa cared to answer a comment and stood up to defend herself.

“mocking someone with mental illness is still wrong. I know shes mad. And I understand that people say mean things when they are mad.

“But ate @claubarretto has been strolling with this for a long time na. And shes mocking her.”

The netizen didn’t from this and attacked Iwa’s personal relationship. Particularly living in with Pampi Lacson, the former husband of actress Jodi Sta Maria.

Some netizens also accused Iwa of stealing Jodi’s husband, but the actress strongly defended herself.

“do a math. 9 years na silang hiwalay. 9 years na din ang annulment nila. 7 years pala lng kami.

“Bwhahahha. Dear do your research properly para d ka magmukhang mangmang.”

What can you say about this?


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