Ina Raymundo responds to the netizen who insulted her daughter Erika

A mother who is so proud and deeply loves her daughter.

This is what the netizens saw on actress Ina Raymundo when she lashed out a netizen who gave negative comments about the body of her daughter Erika Rae Poturnak, on Instagram.


This happened after the actress proudly shared the photos of her daughter on her Ig account.

Some of Erika’s pictures are so alluring showing off her vavavoom body on a very sexy two-piece swimsuit.


Ina answered back to Instagram user @katvalencia1023 insinuating that Erika is purposely making her breasts too big.

“She’s pretty but I hope she didn’t make her busts too big. Comparing some of her pics before her breasts became too big.

“Pretty girls do not need to exert too much effort.”


Apparently, the celebrity mom replied to her comment and called the netizen as ‘ignorant’.

She added that the netizen didn’t know that her breasts were Erika’s biggest insecurity about herself.


“Wow. Excuse me? What are you trying to insinuate? #ignorant”

“I’m going to react to this because you are not a troll.

“If anything, my daughter wants to make her breasts smaller.

“You have no idea how this made her insecure about her body but I’m happy that it’s not affecting her much anymore.

“She’s embracing what she has.”

However, the netizen didn’t bother to answer back on Ina’s comment.

Ina Raymundo’s first born Erika Rae Poturnak celebrated her 18th birthday last October.


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