Inspiring Story Of A Man Who Return A Wallet To The Rightful Owner by locating the address indicated in the IDs inside the wallet.

The Philippines may have horrible traffic, and the crime rate isn’t really low, but despite all the negative news about the country, it’s nice to know that there are still a lot of kind and honest individuals.

Just like the story of this man who restores the faith in humanity.


A netizen took to social media to share how a stranger went the extra mile just to return a lost wallet.

According to uploader Hans Asenci, he had lunch with his family at a restaurant in Sampaloc, Manila and was already driving home when he realized that his wallet was missing.


“Nasa kotse na kami medyo malayo na din sa kinainan namin bigla ‘kong kinapa ‘yung bulsa ko [wala] ‘yung wallet ko. Agad-agad akong bumalik dun para tanungin sa crew wala naman daw napansin,” he said.

So, Asenci just assumed that maybe he left the wallet in their house.

“Pag-uwi ko ng bahay wala dun so nanghina ako at nanghinayang sa nawala sakin,” he said.


Asenci already accepted that he lost P8,000 and important IDs in a snap of a finger, when he suddenly received a message on his phone.

“Biglang may message request akong natanggap na ‘yung wallet ko ay naibalik na sa bahay namin,” he said.


Apparently, a good samaritan saw the missing wallet and returned it to Asenci by locating the address indicated in the IDs inside the wallet.

“Buong wallet po ‘yung nawala and nando’n ang mga important IDs ko. [Pero] naibalik lahat walang labis walang kulang,” he added.

Asensci offered a small reward to Mr. Maynard Ronquillo for returning the wallet but the good samaritan refused to accept it.

His post gained mixed reactions from netizens. Here are some of what they have said:

This story just proves that there are still good people nowadays.


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