Alex Gonzaga went to Raffy Tulfo’s program to complain about her mother

Catherine Mae Gonzaga in real life, the 31-year-old host and vlogger are one indeed one of the most influential celebrities today.

Her inborn wittiness and charm captures the heart of her 7.7 million followers in Instagram and 4.86 million subscribers on her Youtube channel.


With these numbers, you can see how Alex dominates the social media world.

Her Youtube channel publishes truly entertaining videos garnering thousands and sometimes millions of views.


Just today, November 23, another video of Alex easily went viral. But this time, it is not from her Youtube Channel. The video was posted by Raffy Tulfo in Action Youtube channel with the running views of 382,068 as of this writing.

Netizens were shocked upon knowing that the famous vlogger came to Raffy Tulfo’s office to ask for help.

And the one she’s complaining? Her own mother Mommy Pinty Gonzaga.


Alex expressed her sentiments over her mother off-air. According to her, her mommy Pinty is being so hard on her and her current boyfriend Mikee Morada.

The host emphasized that they already in a relationship for years already, however, this is still not enough for Mommy Pinty to allow her to travel abroad alone with her boyfriend. She still doesn’t give them the freedom to travel long miles.


Alex also shared one instance, when she and her boyfriend went abroad to attend a wedding, but when her mom knew about it, Mommy Pinty avoided them and didn’t talk to them for a week.

As we all know her wittiness, Alex even joked about Mommy Pinty being jealous of their travel plans that’s why she doesn’t want to let her go.

Raffy Tulfo known for helping two parties to reconcile, he called Mommy Pinty.

Without any idea what’s the call is all about, Mommy Pinty gives them time to explain what’s happening.

She was truly shocked when Raffy informed her that her daughter Alex is complaining about her.

Mommy Pinty explained her side, it’s not that just she is being hard on Alex, but she is just concern with her because she’s a girl.

Parents don’t want their daughters to be in danger.

On the said video, you can see Raffy Tulfo trying not to laugh about this mother-daughter issue.

Alex on the other hand also can’t control her laughter anymore.

Daddy Bonoy Gonzaga also had the chance to say his piece off the air.

According to Alex’s dad, this is also the way their parents raised them. Besides, Alex seems to be getting married soon, as per Daddy Bonoy.

He also sends his message to Alex’s boyfriend, to take care of her because they truly love her. They wanted them to get married first before they can allow them to travel abroad alone.

Daddy Bonoy describes Alex as a daughter, according to him, Alex is a good daughter but ‘makulit’ she is also generous to them.

But still, they don’t allow her to go along with her boyfriend.

Raffy tried to ask what should Alex and Mikee do to give them the freedom to travel abroad aside from the marriage first rule.

Daddy Bonoy said, there’s nothing else they can do, and the teary-eyed Alex had no choice but to let Mommy Pinty go with them as a chaperone.

The said complain turned out to be a funny conversation but truly a heartfelt episode.

In the end, Alex compliments Raffy Tulfo for helping many people to fix their problems.

Nothing compares to the love of parents to their child, however, the child will go on separate ways when the right time came. But before this happen, your parents still have all the right to control your life.

Do you agree?


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