Raffy Tulfo Speaks Up After Being Backlashed By His Viewers

In contrary of the public’s belief that Raffy Tulfo apologized, the hard-hitting broadcast journalist only admitted that he listened to the suggestions of the netizens that he should not let the teacher resign and terminate her license that was complained by the parents and the grandmother of the student.

It was clear in Tulfo’s statement in his broadcast through his teleradyo program last November 22, Friday, that he just listened to the opinions of the netizens that totally contradicted his decision that the teacher should resign and terminate her license who eventually gained sympathy and support from the public.


The media personality said,

Tulfo admitted that the strong emotions of the complainants caused him to be emotional too.


He also added that the teacher should not be removed but still needs to face legal consequences.

He explained,

Tulfo revealed that he will make both parties to come in his office face-to-face tomorrow, November 25.


Although Tulfo advised the mother’s student not to continue to file a case against the embattled teacher, it is clear on his statement that he sympathized with the parents.

After this, the broadcaster became vocal on his daily situation that he comes to face hundreds of complainants that want to seek help in their program.


He then shared that he also experienced this kind of situation when he was thrown an eraser because of his troubleness.

On the other hand, the parents of the student and teacher already settled.

This message was passed by the lawyer of the teacher, Atty. Joseph Noel Estrada, who is helping the teacher that is being complained in the program of Tulfo, through his Facebook post today, November 24, Sunday.

The respected attorney also revealed that the teacher resisted to go back to the studio by the invitation of Raffy Tulfo In Action.

Here is his complete statement:


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