Meryll Soriano Revealed The Riches Of Her Father Willie Revillame!

Have you ever wondered how rich is Willie Revillame? Well, Willie came from rags to riches as he started as an extra with differect comedy films back then.

As part of his milestones, he became the host of ABS-CBN’s hit noontime show, Wowowee and became the star host of his own show in different big TV networks.


He is now hosting his own show, Wowowin that airs in Kapuso Network GMA 7.

Meryll Soriano, the daughter of one of the biggest name in the country, Willie Revillame with former partner Bec-Bec Soriano revealed how rich his father is on an interview.


The reporters asked Meryll if what was the most expensive thing that her father bought, she laughingly answered, was the airplane that her father owns.

Aside from having his own airplane, Meryll also mentioned that Willie has his own yachts, choppers, ferrarri and different luxury cars.

Willie is also the owner of Wil Tower along the busy roads of Quezon City in partnership with Manny Villar.


Meryll also shared the time when she needed to borrow her father’s pick-up car that she will use in taping. Surprisingly, Willie told her to go to his house and they went on a famous car branch and Willie was able to buy her a new luxurious car.

However, Meryll said that her father doesn’t spoiled her that much with anything or everything because as she mentioned, Willie wants her to work hard for herself.


When asked about his father’s love life, she said that she doesn’t have anything to say because she trusts her father more than enough and she knows that Willie is smart enough. Meryll also added that she wants her father to be happy on the things he wants to do in life.

Willie is currently in search for someone who can settled down with in his segment, “Wil You Date Me” in Wowowin.

Meryll said that Willie still gives her allowance as well as her son despite of having her own business design firms.

To wrap it up, Willie Revillame is more than successful as he is one of the most richest Filipino in the whole country.


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