Robin Padilla’s appreciation message for wife Mariel Padilla touches the heart of many netizens

They say the secret of a happy relationship is having open eyes, open heart, and open feel to your partner.

Appreciation might be a big word but definitely the one we needed to stay inspired.

It’s no joke to be a good wife and mother for your babies. It is a duty to listen directly to your children to all the needs of your family members.

Mothers have to go through a lot of things every day as they have to fulfill their responsibilities in order to have a well-maintained family.


By simply noticing them and their handwork is really a big thing because they might feel loved and special as what is doing to us.

Speaking of this, action star Robin Padilla expresses his appreciation to his wife Mariel Padilla who recently gave birth to their second child Maria Gabriella.

Robin took to his Instagram to dedicate a long post message for his wife and thanked her for all of her sacrifices for him and their children, Maria Isabella and Gabriella. His post also contains his Christmas greetings for his loving wife.

Robin’s heartwarming post read:


Mariel then responds to her husband saying, “I love you. thank you!!!!”

Very inspiring!


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