Dimples Romana Reveals Something About Vice Ganda

In a group of friends, there will always be a different kinds of it. There is the funny one, the grumpy, the “always hungry”, the free spirit or that friend who can’t keep their mouth shut and they will reveal all of our little dark secrets.

Having all kinds of friends is totally fun because you are able to blend in with other people. Well, it seems like the unkabogable star Vice Ganda has that friend who will continuously expose your secrets.


The comedian’s friend, Dimples Romana recently guested on his late night show Gandang Gabi Vice that airs every Sunday night of the week.

At first, Vice was teasing Dimples because of her being “madaldal” during the taping of their Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) movie entry, The Mall The Merrier.


Vice says that Dimples is super talkative even they want to go to sleep or take a rest, Dimples keep on talking with them.

The comedian-host then teased Dimples and also mentioned her husband, Boyet, to talk to her wife at home so that Dimples won’t be that super “madaldal” at work.

Dimples then shared that she is not really talking that much in their home. Because of that, Dimples took her revenge to Vice when she started to talk about what happened and what she saw during the taping of their latest movie.


The actress said that when she entered Vice’s tent, there are lot of foods and the comedian was only wearing a bathrobe.

Dimples also revealed that Vice’s real life boyfriend, Ion, was already there inside the tent. That’s when Vice buckled up because Dimples started to tease him so hard that his secrets will be exposed.


The audiences couldn’t help themselves but to laugh so hard and started yelling because of what they’ve heard.

Vice Ganda and Dimples Romana are really good friends on and off screen. Dimples is truly that one friend who will expose all your little dirty secrets.

Do you also have this kind of friend? What can you say?


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