Joshua Garcia Admits That He Miss Julia Barretto A s They Reunite In Block Z Media Launch

One of the main reasons fans loved the pairing of Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia was because of their undeniable on-screen chemistry. Even though they parted ways.

Despite ending their relationship, Julia Barretto described Joshua Garcia as “very supportive and understanding.”


But as many know, their off-screen romance ultimately came to end last year just as they were working on their fifth movie together, the highly ambitious zombie project “Block Z.”

With only a few weeks away from release, many are wondering if there’s any lingering awkwardness between the pair from their breakup as they embark on the film’s promo tour.


Joshua and Julia asked about how’s their working relationship while they were doing a Block Z movie.

And it seems like there’s an angel across because they seem so quiet after the question.

Garcia then answered that they were okay, He went on repeat that a few more times before admitting: “Noong nakita ko siya, parang na-miss ko din siya. Kasi siyempre ang tagal namin hindi nagkasama — na-busy siya, na-busy ako.”


“That’s one of the things that I’m super grateful for, is that we were able to protect and make sure that the friendship will stay and remain,” Julia answered in her part.

“Tama siya,” Barretto continued, pointing to Garcia. “When I first saw him, it felt familiar. …It’s a familiar place, a comfortable place, a safe place.”


The two had said in the past that they chose to return to being “best friends” following their split, although it was difficult to deny how the breakup affected their relationship, given how rarely they were seen in public together after that.

Joshua and Julia admitted their two-year relationship in April 2019.

What can you say about this? JoshLia still has their chemistry on screen. We can’t deny that!


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