Jason Francisco And Melai Cantiveros Let Their Children Experience Province Life!

When we imagine a life in a province, the first thing that would come in our minds is the greeny sceneries. Fresh air, fields full of crops, and farm animals.

The province life is far away from the life in cities where pollution and stress are always present. If you want to unwind, province is one of the solution.


Just like Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco did. They went to Bohol with their two lovely daughters, Amelia Lucille at Stela Rosalind Francisco.

Melai and Jason visited their families in the province to have some quality time and family bonding after their busy schedules at work. They also let their daughters to experience the simple life in province.


According to the actress, she is happy to see Stela and Mela enjoying the life there. She also shared that their foods are from their own lawn.

In a video they uploaded in YouTube, they can be seen enjoying the company of each other. Melai even let their followers to see the beauty of their simple house made with woods.

Jason was also seen drinking beer with their relatives as a sign of celebrating to be there again after a long time. The whole family had lunch together and they ate delicious lechon baboy.


Many are happy to see them enjoying a simple life and their feet remained on the ground despite their wealth and success.


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