Iwa Moto opens up about her fighting on mental health disorder

“Warrior”. This is what actress Iwa Moto reminds herself today.

The Starstruck alumna recently revealed that she was bipolar ad was diagnosed with severe panic attack order or PTSD and RLS.


The celebrity mom refuses to let her mental illnesses define her as she strives to be a better version of herself every day.

She shared this revelation on her Instagram account yesterday, February 6.


Medical reports define a bipolar disorder as “a condition that features extreme shifts in mood and fluctuations in energy and activity levels that can make day-to-day living difficult.”

Meanwhile, post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is “a condition that can occur after a person has experienced a traumatic event involving intense fear.”

See her whole post below:


Iwa added that despite her condition, she is trying to live her life as normal as possible.

Aside from her medications, she also keeps a positive attitude despite her challenges for her daughter.


“It’s hard for me to wake up and sleep[,] to control my emotions [t]o be as jolly as I used to be,” she said. “And to be ME.”

Iwa also addressed the stigma of having mental health issues and the difficulty it poses to anyone suffering from any mental health-related illness.

“[H]aving mental health issues is hard,” she stated. “I am learning to live with it, but at the same time doing my best not to be defined by my illness.”

Iwa receives massive support from the netizens after her revelation. Here are some of them.

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