Wedding Crasher? Is Mommy Divine Really Uncooperative To Daughter’s Wedding Preparations?

When it comes to wedding preparations, everybody will be really excited. Imagine getting ready for your most awaited moment in your life.

We expect that our parents will be proud and supportive when it comes to this decision because it just means that you value your partner and the relationship itself.

Unfortunately, not all mothers are this kind of parent. It is very sad if the person who you expect to be happy the most, is the person to hinder that happiness.

In a blind item of a known website, Mommy Divine is a hot topic. It is after she was reportedly to be uncooperative during the wedding plan of her daughter, Sarah Geronimo.


According to the source, Mommy Divine refused to do the fittings for her gown because she said that she might gain weight. She insisted it even the designer assured her that there will be an allowance.

And because the wedding will took place abroad, there are many papers and documents that need her signature but she also didn’t.

But the most intriguing is that, Mommy Divine wants Matteo to sign a prenup. At that moment, Sarah resisted her mother because Matteo might be offended.


On the other hand, Sarah has yet to confirm these allegations.


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