Matteo Guidicelli, doctors advises to take bed rest after suffering spine injury

Matteo Guidicelli seems to take a temporary leave on his physical activities as doctors advise the actor.

Aside from singing and acting, the 29-year-old Fil-Italian celebrity also loves extreme outdoor activities like car racing and running. Thus, having a physically fit body doesn’t disbar him from accidents.

Last Friday, February 8, Sarah G’s fiance shared quite not good news on his Instagram account. Matteo announced that he is going to take a rest from his usual activities because of the accident he got from his training.


The army reservist explained that he got a slipped disc from heavy training sessions.

According to, a slipped disc “occurs when the outer ring becomes weak or torn and allows the inner portion to slip out.

“This can happen with age. Certain motions may also cause a slipped disc.


“A disc can slip out of place while you are twisting or turning to lift an object.”

He said in his post,

“I’ll be out for a while. Injured myself yesterday during a training session.”Slipped disc.”

This case also happened on other celebrities who are also known for doing heavy physical activities like Angel Locsin and Polo Ravales.


Matteo Guidicelli is now on his third day of bed rest, and we don’t know when he will be able to come back on his usual routines.

But his fans should not be worry, because he sure will be ok before his most awaited wedding with the Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo.


Get well soon, Matteo.




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