Marcelito Pomoy’s wife was praised by netizens for being on his side all through his AGT’s journey

The fate of Filipino singer Marcelito Pomoy is now in the hands of the voting public after performing in front of celebrity judges and a packed room during the grand finals of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

Pomoy, whose previous performances drew praise and standing ovations, performed Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson’s version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in his signature dual voices style, had the live audience cheering once again, and at least three-fourths of the judges lauding him.


Heidi insists that Marcelito’s “trick” never gets old. “When those voices are all coming out…it is just incredible over and over again,” she says. Howie wondered initially if Marcelito’s dual voices were a gimmick, but he also continues to enjoy his performances.

Alesha calls the song choice “perfect.” She says, “I actually think you’ve upped your game from the last time.


Marcelito Pomoy revealed what will he do if ever he hailed as the champion.

In an interview at the backstage, the interviewer asks Marcelito if how does he feel being back at the got talent competition, but for now, it’s different because it’s the champions.

“I feel nervous and I feel happy now because all the contestants are the best, this is a champions fight, it’s a big America’s Got Talent,” he said.

Marcelito’s wife also added that it’s been eight years after Marcelito joins another singing competition.


When asking if how does he feel if he is the winner, “Oh my God I will go to the hospital,” he answered quickly.

He also said that he will share his prize with the children in need.


Netizens lauded Marcelito’s wife because she’s been there for him all throughout his AGT journey.

She even acts as Marcelito’s interpreter during the said interview.

Well, good luck Marcelito!


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