JUST IN: Robin Padilla Challenge Artists From All Big Networks To Reveal Their Contracts

One of the most biggest network in the industry, ABS-CBN is facing a big challenge right now.

It has been making rounds on the internet after many Kapamilya artists have expressed their sides.


With this, it seems like action star Robin Padilla reacted on the posts and remarks of different Kapamilya stars. Robin published a long post on his Facebook account.

According to his post, the public should see the differences in the salary and treatment of celebrities compared to those who are working behind the camera.


Robin also slammed those artists who would rather protect their networks instead of trying to stand the rights of employees.

He then challenge all the artists from all networks to publicized their contracts and let the people know the differences of their salaries and benefits compared to their regular employees.

However, he clarified that he is not against on ABS-CBN contract renewal it’s just they have to be fair. So that they can achieve what they are pointing out— to consider the thousands employees that will be affected.


Courtesy to: Ezra Acayan

Robin added that the network should consider the mission and vision of Chairwoman Liza DIño and Secretary Silvestre Bello.


This is a hot topic right now after President Duterte repeatedly mentioned that he wouldn’t let ABS-CBN to have their contract renewal.

What can you say? Are you #NOTOABSCBNSHUTDOWN or not?


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