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Raffy Tulfo Gave An Honest Opinion About Vice Ganda

Celebrities are known to be competent specially when they are not in the same network or management.

Well, for some, they remained their friendships even they are on the other side.


Raffy Tulfo recently shared his honest opinion about Kapamilya artist Vice Ganda. This he said during his teleradio program, Raffy Rulfo In Action.

The broadcaster then shared that Vice has been his good friend for more than ten years as well as his wife.


Gandang Gabi Vice, which is a late night show of the latter invited Raffy to be their last guest.

Raffy then granted Vice’s invitation as he considered the latter as his good friend.

He shared that Vice made him dance and do funny things that only Vice made him to do so.


Aside from sharing what will the audiences will expect on his guesting that will be aired on March 1, Raffy also gave his remarks about Vice.

He said that Vice is still kind and humble despite of being successful and where he is now. Raffy also added that the comedian knows how to look back on his humble beginnings.


The journalist even compared Vice to other people who is now successful but had changes with their attitude.

Raffy’s comment about Vice is all positive and is proud to say that they are good friends for a very long time.

He then invited everyone to watch his guesting which will also be the GGV’s last episode.


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