Mommy Divine Bans Matteo And Sarah In Their Subdivision

Who would have want their child to be out of their family?

As the drama continues, the rift between newly weds Matteo and Sarah Guidicelli and the actress’ parents is becoming deeper.


The celebrity couple have been the headlines for over the past weeks after their secret church wedding.

It is known to the public that Mommy Divine came to the reception uninvited and made a scene.


As a result of this, the wedding preparations of the couple that supposed to be held in Italy gone through a hard process because of Sarah’s parents are uncooperative.

After the said wedding held in Taguig City, the newly weds were seen buying some house stuffs along with Dra. Vicky Belo and her family.

According to a source, Matteo is now a hands on husband to his wife Sarah. He drops off the actress to her work and picks her up after.


Matteo also assigned new bodyguards for Sarah and a personal assistant to assure that his wife is on the right hands.

On the other hand, another source says that Mommy Divine banned Sarah and Matteo in St. Charbel Subdivision where they lived.


At the very beginning, Mommy Divine didn’t show of some amor with Matteo for wanting him for Sarah.

A lot of netizens are reacting and questioning Mommy Divine on how will the couple make amends if she is restraining it to happen.

It seems like the rift is getting deeper between the relationship of the newly weds with Sarah’s parents.


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