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Cluadine Barretto chooses Julia Montes over her niece Julia Barretto

Claudine Barretto Was Asked Who She Thinks Is The Better Actress: Julia Barretto Or Julia Montes?

Barretto sisters had always been on the headlines, even though they are all out of the limelight.

One of the timeless and most anticipated actresses who left a great contribution to the showbiz industry is Claudine Barretto. Sadly, we rarely see her on TV projects today and choose to focus on her family.


However, the actress already built her own fandom and still having huge followers on social media. She still keeps them updated about her everyday doings.

It’s not a secret that she has this misunderstanding with the mother of her niece, Marjorie Barretto which even up until now remained unresolved.

But she has already reconciled with her elder sister Gretchen Barretto and Gretchen, on the other hand, has also fixed her relationship with her mother when their father, Mike Barretto, passed away.


Apparently, Claudine was asked recently about who is more talented between young actresses such as Julia Montes and her own niece Julia Barretto.

In an Instagram post of Claudine Barretto‘s from March 3, a user asked: “Miss Claudine, sino mas magaling na umarte as an actress, si Julia Barretto o si Julia Montes?” 

In all capital letters stressing the intensity of her choice, she chose Julia Montes tailed with “of course”.


Claudine replied: “JULIA MONTES OF COURSE.” 

Netizens were quick to ask whether this was truly Claudine’s opinion or if this was her answer because she’s still “mad at her niece.”


Here are some of the comments from the netizens”

“Of course!”

“Aray ko po. All caps pa 👀”

“sa true lang si Clau, hehe”

“In caps lock pa. Tindi ng tita mo julia ah”

“nagsasabi ng totoo si claudine mas magaling umarte si julia montes si julia barretto kulang sa acting”

“mas magaling si julia montes noh”

“Sana di nalang nya pinansin. Nakowww”

“Well, totoo naman diba?
One can argue that she shouldn’t have given an answer because the other Julia is her niece, but Claudine is a very good actress and her opinion can be considered good authority on the matter. Just because the other one is her niece doesn’t necessarily mean that she should choose her.”

What can you say?


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