Joross Gamboa On Kathniel’s Future Wedding: ‘Malapit na’

Who wouldn’t want to see their favorite celebrity couple to get married?

We are all excited to witness our idols marrying each other. Specially when you have been shipping them since then.

In showbiz industry, there are many love teams that are also couple in real life. One of them is the Teen King and Queen, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

It can’t be denied that the two already proved that they can be together for the rest of their lives. Also, they have thousands of fans out there who are supporting them for years.


So it will be a grand wedding if ever Kathryn and Daniel will pursue their another chapter of relationship.

It seems like this most awaited wedding is soon to happen.

Recently, Joross Gamboa had an interview after the presscon of his new upcoming iWant series, Fluid.

One of the press asked if he is still in touch with Kathryn and Daniel. It is because Joross is known for being a close friend of the couple.


Afterwards, he was asked if he has any idea if the couple is planning to get married. At first, Joross was just laughing and denying that he has no idea about it.

He jokingly said that it will happen soon but he had to take back what he said as if he is hiding something.

The press was teasing him that KathNiel is planning a secret wedding but he keeps on saying that he has no idea about it at all.


Joross worked with Kathryn and Daniel for how many times now so it can’t be denied that they have a deep relationship with each other.

Does Kathryn and Daniel will tie the knots soon?


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