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Who does Matteo Guidicelli pertaining to his recent post?

It’s been two weeks already since Matteo and Sarah Geronimo got married, but the heat of the controversy is still on.

The newlywed couple is now enjoying their life together, along with each other. They’ve already appeared in some public places after the controversial wedding.

Aside from this, Mr. and Mrs. Guidicelli also spotted two times buying some stuff for their new house. Just recently, the couple again spotted doing groceries in Alabang.


However, their peaceful life is still hanging somewhere, because as reported, Sarah’s parents are still mad.

Meanwhile, Matteo seems like coming from something as he posted a cryptic message on his Instagram story.


He posted a quote from Holywood celebrity, Angelina Jolie.

“If you don’t get out of the box you’ve been raised in, you won’t understand how much bigger the world is.”

It wasn’t clear who Matteo is referring to on his post, but the netizens do the guessing.

One blog says that Matteo might refer to the personal experience of his wife Sarah Geronimo.


As we all know, Sarah had an overprotective parent — Divine and Delfin Geronimo.

Everybody witnessed how Mommy Divine became so protective to her daughter as she always accompanied Sarah on all of her projects back then.


It is also reported that Mommy Divine always gets to decide for the Popstar Royalty.

Mommy Divine’s being strict as a parent was publicized after Sarah’s first heartbreak.

The mother also frankly said in an interview back in 2011 that only she and Daddy Delfin would decide when will their daughter to be in a relationship.

And whoever courted Sarah during those times was not the one for her daughter.

But unexpectedly, Sarah fell in love with Rayver Cruz who became her first boyfriend and heartbreak.

According to Rayver, he only had a chance to talk with Sarah via Skype.

Rayver also revealed that he only saw Sarah twice during their relationship. The first one was 30 minutes and the last was almost just 30 seconds.

They got separated. Years later Matteo came to her life.

And now, after seven years, it seemed like Sarah had her freedom after being the perfect daughter she always has to be.

Sarah breaks her parents’ rule and had a secret church wedding ceremony with Matteo last February 20.

It was blasted with controversies when Mommy Divine had a scene during the reception.

Apparently, Sarah and Matteo are very happy about their marriage. We can all see it on their faces. Their friends and fans are also celebrating with their happy life and express well wishes for the newlyweds.

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