Mommy Divine’s First Photo After Controversial Secret Wedding Issue

As many of us are still busy looking for an update about the status of newly weds celebrities, here is the other side of the story.

Have you ever wonder on how it has been with the family of Sarah Geronimo? If you have, here is some update for you.


On February this year, the names of Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli were a hot trend.

It is after their not so secret church wedding made it to the headlines. As we all know, the reception was doomed after Divine Geronimo showed up uninvited.


Divine Geronimo or greatly known as Mommy Divine in showbiz circle, was said to be gate crashed during the reception.

Due to this, many haters and bashers surfaced online as most of them wanted to support the singer-actress.

There were many hate comments against the mother of Popstar Royalty but she remained silent.


Mommy Divine didn’t appeared in any interviews as she used to. But how she is now after being in hot waters?

Recently, talent manager Wowie Roxas or also known as Dadie Wowie uploaded a photo of him with Mommy Divine.


Their unexpected meeting took place in the restaurant-slash-store owned by Geronimo. It is located in Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City on Tuesday night, March 10.

Dadie Wowie was the discoverer and mentor of Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno.

The talent manager was too shy to asked how she is doing but her eyes could tell that she is sad and is not okay.

Dadie Wowie then shared that he praises Mommy Divine for being hardworking on selling organic vegetables. These were also came first hand from Geronimo’s farm.

According to him, Mommy Divine sells fresh vegetables like squash, radish and more. He also shared that this was the first time he met Mommy Divine.


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