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Kim Chiu Blasted Her Basher On Instagram Who Questioned Her Behavior After Shooting Incident

Who wouldn’t fight back if someone questioned your personal life? It might be a waste of time but sometimes you have to.

The shooting incident of Kim Chiu last March 4 in Quezon City made to the headlines over the past week.


According to the interview with the actress, they were on their way to the set of Love Thy Woman to take a few scenes.

Kim is currently starring in Kapamilya Gold, Love Thy Woman as Gia Wong.


The Kapamilya star shared that she felt sleepy along the way so she took a nap. After a few moments, Kim was awaken by a noise.

She then saw the bullets inside her car right in the seat where she was sitting before she took a nap.

Being fully shocked on what happened, Kim continued to her taping and shoot two scenes.


Following this, one netizen straight forward took to Kim’s Instagram and had the audacity to question the actress about her behavior.

“If I’m ambushed I’ll be inactive for quite some time. Mga aksidente suntukan ok lang move on agad pero pag ambush? Iba tama nun if legit ambush. Kahit na abisuha ako ng boss na ok lang yan etc., buhay mo ‘yan, di nila buhay ‘yan.”


The netizen wrote.

And it seemed like Kim had enough criticisms regarding the incident as she clap back to her basher.

“It’s because I’m not scared. The bullet is not for me. I’m happy I’m alive and that’s more important than waste your time being an ‘investigator’ keme,” she penned as a response.

In a separate post of Kim, she shared some realizations that life is short and thanked God for protecting the three of them.

She also took the chance to thank all the people who have been showing love and concern towards her.

On the other hand, the authorities have been investigating the shooting incident until now.


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