Boyfriend who entered different jobs just to support his girlfriend who graduated Cum Laude

We all know how important education is to one’s life. But, unfortunately, not everyone can afford to get into college.

Financial difficulty is the primary reason why some can’t afford to finish college. But, despite this, there are still who try and are fortunate to graduate after going through many difficult trials.

Blessy Parreño is one of those who dream of having a diploma. However, what caught the attention of the netizens was the story behind it.


Through a post, Blessy shared their life story. In which she told of all the hardships and trials she had faced with her boyfriend, RM De Martin before graduating college.

According to her, her boyfriend worked hard and even got into different jobs. He became a construction worker, cook, and now OIC of Mang Inasal just to help her finish his education.


Blessy appreciated what her boyfriend is doing for her. And as a return, she did great in her studies and graduated Cum Laude in Capiz State University.

She added, she and her boyfriend experiencing insults and humiliation because of having low jobs. But they made this as their motivation to improve their lives.

In the end, Blessy thanked Martin and expressed how proud she is. For doing all his best to support her education for four years even though he knew it would be difficult.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend also expressed how proud he is for having a girlfriend like her. Who has bigger dreams and pursuing her studies.


Martin commended his girlfriend in his separate post.

Love is indeed the most powerful thing in the world. Do you agree?


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