Viral Photo of A Woman Who Gives Her Groceries To A Homeless Man

In world full of uncertainties, there is one thing for sure and that is kindness. Some people are just very kind heart even to the people they didn’t know.

To prove, watch this random young lady who gave her own groceries to a homeless man along the road.


Little did she know, that someone is filming her good deed.

In a video uploaded by a netizen named Florendo Bonavente Bern, the young lady in pink shirt and eye glasses gave the old man the plastic bags loaded of food and bottled water.


They stop somewhere where the old homeless man sited, while the girl was giving him the food.

The netizen who was filming can be heard saying that she has a pure heart and kindness in her.

In the end of the video, the man holding the camera asked his another guy friend on what can he say about this.


The guy then said that the girl was so kind and the hopes that there more people like her.


Meanwhile, this immediately went viral and gains praises from the netizens.

The identity of the girl may be unknown but surely, she has a pure heart of gold.



Written by adMin

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