LOOK: John Estrada is richer than you expect, had a golf course and glass window big house

Who would ever forget a John Estrada who once made us laugh back then during the Palibhasa Lalaki days?

John had been in the entertainment industry for almost 30 years now. He started as a model and then landed the role of Johnny in one of the most memorable sitcoms in Philippine television history, Palibhasa Lalake (1987).

With his abundant career years back, it is not impossible for John to own several properties already.


Did you know that John Estrada is one of those who has a wonderful life today? Besides being happily married to Priscilla Meirelles, he has this huge paradise-like real estate in Dasmariñas Cavite. They regularly go on vacation here with his family and play golf with his friends.

From their large glass windows overlook the immense scenic view of their own golf-course.

According to John, he really worked hard to achieve everything he has today, so he has been very blessed for what he has achieved in life.


One of the best spots on their house is their swimming pool where it overlooks the beautiful view of their golf course. This is also her daughter’s favorite place where they spend time together.

John is already separated from his first wife Janice de Belen where he have four children. However, he still consistently bond with his children with Janice here in his gold-course.

Another great area of ​​their home is the Master’s bedroom which is covered with big glass windows where the view from it is also striking.

It also has its own living room on the second floor where his family usually spends time.


Their home has a modern style and minimalistic design, that’s why it has plenty of open spaces. The vibes are more comforting because of the clean and elegant furnishing.

Who wouldn’t be surprised to know that this huge mansion with a golf course is owned by John Estrada? Well, hard work pays off!


Written by adMin

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