Meet Angela, the gorgeous younger sister of Niño Muhlach

You definitely know the most prominent of the Muhlachs, Aga and Niño, better than any other member of their clan.

But not everyone knows that Niño has a beautiful younger sibling. While she had physical attributes that could suit her for the showbiz industry.

Apparently, Angela Muhlach decided to concentrate on her studies.


She recently graduated from De La Salle University with a degree in Industrial Engineering. Instagram, she said being the first member of her clan to receive an engineering degree is a privilege.

Angela appears enjoying her chosen career!

If you check out her Instagram account, the 24-year-old Muhlach is reportedly busy working through her bucket list. While enjoying quality time with her family, she also likes to travel.


In fact, last May 2014 she chose to spend her summer vacation by visiting beautiful places in Europe. She had been to London, Spain, Paris, Holland, Rome, and the Netherlands.

She is a certified “Daddy’s Girl” who loves to spend her time getting dates with her father, Alexander Muhlach, whom she considers to be her prince.

Angela is the youngest sister of Niño Muhlach and their eldest sister is, Alex.


So you think Angela will be as famous as Aga and Niño if she will enter showbizness?


Written by adMin

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