Get to know the Three Men in Marian Rivera’s life before Dingdong Dantes

Before Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera had these men in her life.

A person’s life is divided into various phases. The past, the present, and the future. All of these phases are equally important to a person as it all plays an important role in the development of one’s life.

Marian Rivera is one of the most beautiful actresses in the Philippine showbiz industry.

She is considered one of the most controversial actresses today, her love life is also the most talk about issues.


Marian Rivera admits that, before making it in show business, she had already been through three relationships.

One of the former boyfriends of Marian in the showbusiness is James Blanco.

Marian was still in a college at La Salle – Dasma Cavite when her relationship with James happens. At that time, Marian was still not in the showbiz industry.

But the two didn’t confirm their relationship, there are just rumors that are circulating on the online community before that Marian and James used to date.


Aside from James, Marian also linked with Mark Herras. There are some rumors spreading before, saying that the reason why Marian gainer her popularity now is because of her relationship with Mark.

However, the two denied the issue.

And before Dingdong, Marian had a relationship with the popular actor-basketball player, Ervic Vijandre.

Ervic is the most serious and longest boyfriend of Marian.


Their first meeting was during the United Nations Day when they were still in high school in St. Francis of Assisi College.

But the two decided to part ways after of being in a relationship for over 8 years.

And now, Marian is happily married to her husband Dingdong Dantes.

What can you say about this?

Do you also those rumors about Marian before?



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