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Even though she didn’t mention the name, Lauren Young obviously had this another swipe on DJ Loonyo

Lauren Young had this another swipe on DJ Loonyo.

Following the viral video of Loonyo explaining his idea of C0VID-19 mass testing and for wearing a mask, Lauren gave her opinion. She lambasted the dancer-choreographer for the misinformation he shared with the public.


DJ Loonyo stated, “I just don’t know it’s like, it’s like, gagana ba tong bagay na to sa ganitong ano, diba? These, I don’t know kung anong gagamitin nila sa mass testing, pero kung ano man ang ipapainom nila o ipapagawa nila, it’s a trial and error, that’s why it’s mass testing.”

After his statement, he received enormous lambasts from other celebrities.


He then apologizes for giving misinformation.

One of the celebrities who gave their opinion about Loonyo’s statement is Lauren Young.

Previously, Lauren called Loonyo “b0b0” referring to the latter’s statement.


Lauren also got lambasted by Loonyo’s fans and followers but it didn’t stop her.

And just recently, Lauren Young took a swipe at DJ Loonyo once again.


Even though she did not directly mention Loonyo’s name, her answer to a netizen is obviously for the latter.

A netizen stated, “ang daming chances ni DJ Loonyo para bumawi sa mga pinagsasasabi niya pero bakit parang walang nangyayari. open naman ako sa character development pero parang… regression ang nangyayari…” then he announces pa to use his platform for love and positivity… hahahaha”

This prompted Lauren to say,

“And instead of bashing or hating sana ineducate nalang. First of all its no one elses responsibility to educate you. Thats your own responsibility ESPECIALLY if you have the means and resources. Laziness isn’t an excuse to not be informed.” she quipped.

“Its too easy to throw shade at this point. He’s not even making it fun for me anymore,” she added.

What can you say about this?



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