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Nico Bolzico share an appreciation post for his wife Solenn Heussaff, calling the latter a multi-tasking mom

Nico Bolzico shares that he is amazed by his wife Solenn Heussaff.

Multitasking is a given when you become a mom. You are taking care of and nourishing your baby while recovering from birth. From then on, a mom would barely have a day to get all her tasks done. Nico Bolzico says it shouldn’t be that way.


In a social post, the new dad gave a shoutout to moms’ ability to multitask. Nico accompanied his appreciation post with a photo of his wife Solenn Heussaff bottle-feeding their daughter Thylane while drawing on a lounge chair on the veranda.

“Never underestimate how many tasks a mother can do at the same time! That doesn’t mean they should, we must always be there to help, make sure they enjoy motherhood and be a reminder that they need to do things for themselves,” wrote Nico in an Instagram post.


In the past six months that they’ve become parents, he realized that “mums tend to focus on their babies so much that they forget about everything else, including themselves.”

Nico then reminded fellow daddies out there to “be a strong support system to make sure they can also enjoy life outside motherhood!”

“A happy mum is the best mum! We love you @solenn,” he said.


Known for his funny antics and quips on social media, Nico added, “PS: I tried to get Tili after taking this pica but her mama gave the ‘don’t touch my daughter when I feed her’ eyes!”

The first-time dad has a point. Just because moms try and maybe even manage to do a lot or everything by themselves doesn’t mean they have to. It definitely doesn’t mean they don’t need any help.


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